Weaving Gallery

The weaving gallery is sampling of my work. Here you can get a feeling for my style of textiles and what I sell at fine craft fairs

You’ll see lots of kitchen towels in cotton, hemp and cottolin (a blended yarn of 60% cotton and 40% linen). I love weaving towels because they can be colorful, contemporary, natural and traditional.

Mohair blankets are wonderfully warm. We call ours “Mo.” It lives at the foot of the bed autumn through spring, ready to add coziness to an afternoon nap or a long winter night’s sleep.

Rugs, wall hangings and bookmarks are where I dabble with weave structures that are rich in history or typically Scandinavian.  I also enjoy tablet weaving, an age old technique for making belts and bands.

If you see and item you are interested in purchasing, please contact me regarding availability.

Kitchen towels

Table Toppers


Wall hangings



Holiday gift bags and table runners

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