Handwoven Kitchen Towels

I love weaving towels because the designs can be colorful, contemporary or traditional.  My handwoven kitchen towels are made of cotton, linen, hemp, and combinations of the three. Those with linen or hemp have a wonderful hand and are especially strong and absorbent. For drying glassware, the lightweight cotton/linen towels are especially nice. Don’t hesitate to use handwoven towels; they are woven to last! If you think handwoven towels are too nice for drying dishes, consider using them to line a bread or picnic basket, as small table linen or as hand towels in the guest bathroom.

Tidal Weaves towels are ready to use. They have been machine washed (front loading machine) in cold water with unscented detergent and line-dried. The towels can be machine washed and dried; like colors, cool water and warm heat. Linen and hemp towels will get softer with use. The only special care they require is to be removed from the washer and dryer promptly to avoid wrinkles. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets will reduce the absorbency of towels.

Below is a sampling of my towels. If you see something that strikes your fancy, please contact me and I’ll let you know if it is still available.

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