Handwoven textiles by Linda Healy

Textiles shape our personal stories as well as our collective history. They dry our dishes, warm our beds, and decorate our homes. They grace our holiday tables with tradition and are often handed down from one generation to the next.

I am a weaver and an artist. Nature offers me colors and patterns that I reframe within the geometric constraints of warp and weft. Inspiration also comes from my Swedish heritage and historic Scandinavian weaving techniques. In my work, this materializes as clean, functional, classic designs. For me, personally, it is a connection to weavers past whose hand-loomed textiles were not only essential for warmth and survival but, thanks to their own artistry, made a house a home.

I take pride in creating finely crafted textiles. Using cotton, linen, hemp, wool and mohair, I weave towels, blankets, rag rugs and wall hangings. I hope my work will help you celebrate the day-to-day and mark family milestones with heirloom-quality handwoven textiles.

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