Hnadwoven Rugs and Wall Hangings

There are many Scandinavian weaving techniques and structures. In recent years, rep, rutevev, röllakan and bottentäckeväv have sparked my interest. These are sturdy weaves, great for wall and floors.


Most of my rugs are woven in some form of plain weave, where the warp and weft interlace in the most simplest of ways, over-under-over-under. I use colorful rags or multiple strands of heavy yarn for the weft.

Rep is plain weave, characterized by a closely sett warp that essentially covers the weft. The alternating thick and thin weft yarns create the the ribs known as reps or rips. Rep rugs are classic. Very Swedish. They look great on walls or floors. 

Tidal Weaves rugs are ready for the floor! Please use a no-slip pad with your rug to prevent slipping and sliding. Rep rugs can be washed by hand or by machine on a gentle cycle–no agitation. Rag rugs can handle a light machine wash.  I line dry my rugs, but they can be tossed in a warm, not hot, dryer. Rugs may shrink if dried in the dryer.

Wall Hangings

Bottentäckeväv. Botten is Swedish for bottom, täcke means quilt, and väv means weave. My wall hangings are a nod to the heavy woven blankets, often backed with sheepskins, that kept winter’s chill at bay. The weave structure is unique and generally credited to the two Persson brothers, skilled weavers from the town of Kubbe in the first half of the 1800’s. Please take a peek at my seat cushions that use the same structure. 

Rutevev, also known as square weave, is a Norwegian tapestry technique. Röllakan is its Swedish cousin. They were used for home furnishings including rugs, blankets and bench cushions. Geometric motifs of stars, roses, crosses and knots were most common, but pictorial motifs of birds, kelpies, and reindeer were also worked.

Tidal Weaves wall hangings have linen warp and wool weft. They come with a simple hardwood dowel hanger, but look stunning with a wrought iron rod, bell pull hardware or other tapestry hangers. 

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