Handwoven Blankets

I weave cotton, wool and mohair blankets, but mohair is my favorite! Mohair blankets are soft, fluffy, fuzzy and wonderfully warm. We call ours “Mo.” It lives at the foot of the bed autumn through spring, ready to add coziness to an afternoon nap or a long winter night’s sleep. I offer two sizes of mohair blankets. The small size is perfect for cozying on the couch, the large covers the top of a queen-size bed. Both sizes are finished with a twisted and knotted fringe and a gentle brushing to bring out the signature loft and luster of mohair.

Tidal Weaves blankets are ready to use. They have been gently machine washed (front loading machine) in cold water with unscented detergent and line-dried. Cotton blankets and be tossed in the washer and dryer; cool water, warm heat. Should a wool or mohair blanket need laundering, please wash it by hand. Let it relax and soak in a bathtub of warm water and a bit of mild soap. Then squeeze out the water (don’t wring) and put it through a machine spin cycle. Line dry. I do not recommend washing wool or mohair blankets in agitator machines.

Looking for a special color to match your decor? I can source a variety of shades that may work perfectly. Please inquire!

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